April 14, 2013

Love List (22) - April 14, 2013

So, the funny thing is that I made a love list for March 14th, but I closed the page and turned off my computer before I posted it.  Now, this list is a March / April combo.

A Rocket to the Moon. 
Every single song on A Rocket to the Moon's new album.
That a local store had Wild & Free the day it was released.
Legally Blonde.
Unhurried train rides.
Jojen Reed.
That I wrote that school was going to be done soon, and now it is.
Brisk days.
The Fox & the Hound.
That I will be in NYC in several short weeks.

Jon Snow (again).  [I'm currently angry at him].
Knowing that school is going to be done oh, so soon.
That I could write a university assignment on Harry Potter.
That I've convinced several of my co-workers to read The Fault in Our Stars.
Finishing a 1,000 page book.  (It's an accomplishment).
Teen Wolf.
VERONICA MARS MOVIE.  (The fact that there's going to be one).
That my Dad reads faster than I do.
Game of Thrones themed magazines.
The reaction you get when you've done something nice for someone.

And much more, but it's almost not the 14th anymore.