February 28, 2011

Book Review: Pluto's Ghost

Title: Pluto's Ghost
Author: Sheree Fitch
Length: 254 pages
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
On-Sale Date: September 28, 2010
Format: Trade paperback

Jake Upshore.  And.  Skye Derucci.  He had always loved the beautiful brainy girl.  The problem:  Jake was a kid going nowhere with a bad reputation to top it off.  Their budding romance couldn’t have survived their opinionated town.  The solution:  A secret relationship.  But now, Skye was gone and rumors trailed behind her.  Jake’s life turned upside down in a single second.  He couldn’t just sit there.  He needed answers.  He needed to find Skye.

Pluto’s Ghost was written beautifully.  I had never read Sheree Fitch before so I didn’t realize she was an award-winning poet.  Although Pluto wasn’t (always) written in stanza, it certainly flowed and felt like a poem.  The emotions shone through the words, and it really made you feel.  It felt like magic, and did not compare to any other novel I’ve read..
It was powerful.
Jake Upshore was a refreshing narrator.  I loved hearing the story from his point of view.  There were many books where the girl fell in love with the “bad boy” and we never found out what went through his head.  This was the opposite.  The story belonged to Jake.  He was fascinating.  He had a troubled past and a problematic present, and it looked like he was headed towards a unfortunate future.
The author explored many parts of Jake.  He felt every emotion known to man, and he felt it very fiercely.
I found Jake to be very genuine.  He did not always understand himself or know how to act.  Jake, like any other teenager, was unsure of himself.  But, he knew enough to trust his gut, and he always acted on what he felt was right.  I commended Jake on his unfailing loyalty.  I mean, Jake searched for Skye with no clue and practically no means.  He was exceptionally lucky and even resourceful.
Jake was innocent, even though he had “the rage” and was thought to be a delinquent.  I saw Jake as a kid going through a rough time.  Sure, he had his issues, and he didn’t always react in a non-violent manner to unpleasant situations.  But every character is allowed their flaws.  Jake’s flaws were human.  They made him human.  And Ms. Fitch should be commended for that.
He had been plastered with labels since childhood,  but he was only trying to live.
I felt that the love Jake had for Skye was stronger than her feelings, and I didn’t want that for him.  I couldn’t help it.  It was impossible not to root for the underdog.
However, this couple did live separate lives, and Skye hadn’t told Jake everything.  The mystery that surrounded Skye Derucci  was integral the plot.
The plot was basic, but executed flawlessly.  A good girl.  A bad boy.  A rumored pregnancy after the girl ran away.  None of that sounded specifically intriguing, but add a body bag, and Jake Upshore, and you would never know what hit you.  Seriously.  Jake Upshore.
To him it was simple.  Skye went missing and he found her.  There were rumors and he pursued answers.  But he never expected to uncover a mystery or unearth a horror.  Jake went through ridiculous and terrifying events for the girl he loved.  He would have done anything for her.
Maybe he didn’t act like anyone else would have, but then he wouldn’t have been Jake Upshore.  I liked that that was passionate.
It’s rare that a flaw could make a character better, but Jake’s flaws did.
I love love loved Pluto’s Ghost.

I hope you love Jake’s story, but most of all I hope you give it a chance.

Perfect quote to explain Pluto’s Ghost and Jake Upshore:
“I’m not complainin’
I’m just explainin’
I’m not excusin’
But see
I thought I was losin’
my baby
my lady
my mind.”

Premise: 4/5
Plot: 5/5
Writing: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

February 27, 2011

Debut Author Challenge 2011

Hello everyone,

I'm going to try my hand at one of the contests The Story Siren is running this year.  It's the Debut Author Challenge.  The challenge is to read at least 12 young adult or middle grade books released in 2011.  These books have to be the first ones released by said author.
If the author has a book published any year before 2011 it does not count.
I wanted to take part in this challenge because I always love finding new authors to love.  You know I used to be scared to read a new author?  Now, I love it.

I'm cutting it a little close seeing as the deadline to participate is March 1st.  But never late than never, right?
I've already reviewed a book or two that fit under this challenged, and I can't wait to do more.


February 22, 2011

Interview: Rose Mannering


Today I want to tell you all about Rose Mannering. Rose is an author very close to acquiring a publisher. She's nineteen and lives in Kent. If you want to know anything else just read ...

Favourite book:  Arrrh!  So hard.  Erm I love the obvious romantic classics and anything by Daphne Du Maurier.  Let's go for 'I Capture the Castle' by Dodie Smith.
Favourite author:  Again, so hard!  Favorite classical author:  Jane Austen. Favorite contemporary author:  Meg Rosoff, Alexandra Potter or Catherine Alliott.  And I love all fantasy authors with particular favorites being Robin McKinley, Isabel Allende and Holly Black.
Favourite band / singers:   I have a very warped taste in music (which basically means I'm too embarrassed to answer that question!)  However, I'm liking Lissie, Marina and the Diamonds, Sunday Girl and Florence and the Machine at the moment.
Favourite movie:  I love 'The Holiday' and 'Edward Scissorhands' and anything Disney.
Favourite place:  Bewdley on the border of Wales and Carnac in France.
Favourite TV show:  Miranda or Gossip Girl.  I also like any program on authors and books.
Favourite colour:  Always used to be purple.
Sweet or salty:  Both.  But probably sweet.
Rain or snow:  Snow.  Rain makes my head itch.
Pet peeves:  Slow drivers.  Every Tuesday I have to drive to Canterbury and it gives me road rage.  I also hate really bad text talk.
What’s one item that you should throw away, but probably never will?  Empty perfume bottles. I feel like I should do something with them.
If you had a time machine where would you go?  To the beginning of the world.
What fictional world would you love to live in?  The Discworld.  It would be awesome!
Vampires or werewolves:  Werewolves.  I have an affinity with dogs.
Have you read Harry Potter?  Of course! It's great, but I've only ever read them all once.
What inspires you?  Every single person that I meet and place that I go.  It sounds kind of stupid, but it's true.  Also, every awkward situation that I find myself in and there's A LOT!  I always think, 'oh well, I can use this in a book . . .'

Do you realize that you’re only a year older than me?  I am very impressed that you’ve written a novel!  Really?  But thanks!  I don't feel young, I've been writing for a long time, and when I hit eighteen I decided I was finally going to do something about it.

Care to brag about your agent?  Oh, my agent is Isabel Atherton from Creative Authors Ltd.  She's lovely and we share a passion for books, (obviously), and vintage clothes.  She's recommended a lot of really good books to me, including my recent fascination, Carson McCullers.

Can you tell me a little bit about your book “It’s All Make Believe”?  Sure.  It's about a girl called Marilyn Swann, who is sent along with her two elder sisters to stay at their uncle's farm after the death of their mother.  The two elder sisters are causing havoc at their home in London, while their grieving father is immersing himself in his work and shutting them out.  When he unexpectedly come home early and sees the mess they've created and hears reports from the nosey neighbors, he hits the roof and sends them packing.  He thinks that on the farm they'll be away from temptation - what damage can they do in a field?  How wrong he is!

Since you’re only 19 I’m guessing you’ve always wanted to be a writer.  Is that true?  Yes and no.  I always wrote and I always wanted to write, but when I was younger everyone sort of gave me that indulgent smile with a 'like that will ever happen' kind of look, so I always kept it very secret and private.  Also, I'm dyslexic, so the two didn't really fit together properly and people were always surprised that I liked writing.

How do you feel about writing a book and having dyslexia?  It's a bit strange and something I don't really understand.  When I tell some people that I'm dyslexic, they often don't believe me, but it's true, I've been tested twice!  I don't know why I've always liked books and writing when I'm dyslexic, it makes no sense.  Sorry, that's a really rubbish answer, but I honestly don't know.  I think I'm just generally odd.

What did your family / friends say when you told them you wrote a novel?  My family are used to me tapping away at a computer (usually when I'm supposed to be doing other things!) and my close friends know that I like to write.  But like I said before, I was always and still am, quite private about it.  I would never say 'Hi guys! I've just finished my book!' so it probably came as a bit of a surprise when I started asking them to help me raise my profile.  They've all been really helpful and supportive about it though.

Are you going to school too?  No, I finished school last year and I actually kind of miss it!  I'm on a work placement at the moment with a tourism company called Visit Kent, which is great since I'm getting loads of experience and I get to travel quite a bit.  In September I'll be going to Royal Holloway University to study English, which I'm really looking forward to.

What advice would you give an aspiring / new author?  I would say, keep practicing and do as much as you can to get yourself noticed, you really have to get yourself seen and heard.  I would also say try to be patient because it's something I have A LOT of trouble with.  Sometimes it takes a while and a lot of effort to get things moving, but then they just snowball.

If you want to learn even more about Rose, or get in touch with her you can find her ...
Facebook: Rose Mannering
Twitter: @rose_mannering
If you want to see Rose's writing style check our her short story Valentine's Play!

I hope to share great news about Rose with you in the future!


Indigo Books & Music Event: Thursday, February 24th 2011

Hey Torontonians,

This Thursday, (yes I'm aware that's two days from now), February 24th 2011 you should come to the Indigo Manulife Centre aka Indigo Bay & Bloor.

Why do you ask?  I'll tell you why!
Three fabulous authors are going to be in conversation with Indigo's CEO Heather Reisman!
The authors that will be attending are:  Lisa Genova, Elena Gorokhova, and Jeannette Walls.

Lisa Genova is best known for her novel Still Alice.  Her new book, Left Neglected, is already a bestseller.
Elena Gorokhova has a memoir titled A Mountain of Crumbs.
Jeannette Walls wrote the novel Half Broke Horses and the biography, The Glass Castle.

If you want to hear more about these incredible ladies you should come to Indigo at 7pm ... Or earlier!

Enjoy your week!


February 19, 2011

Book Review: Wake

Title: Wake
Author: Lisa McMann
Series: Wake novels
Length: 210 pages
On-Sale Date: March 4, 2008
Format: Trade paperback

Lisa McMann is the author of the Wake trilogy.
Janie is just a regular seventeen-year-old girl … Wait, no, she’s not.  Since she can remember, she has been sucked into other people’s dreams.  She can’t control it.  She can’t escape.  Obviously, she wants it to stop.  Naturally, it won’t.
Janie has learned to cope with her “disability”.  She even avoids driving down a specific street after a particularly nasty nightmare.  Except, after that nightmare she needs to be more careful.  She knows that.
What Janie doesn’t notice, is Cabel Strumheller, but Cabel notices her.
Janie learns more than she bargained for.  About the dreams.  About love.  About herself.

I stumbled upon Lisa McMann accidentally, and I couldn’t have been luckier.
I read Wake in hours.  Lisa wrote so fluidly that you would not have noticed moving from page 2 to page 200.
Yes, I had a very book-filled weekend when I read Lisa McMann.
As the reader, I was immediately immersed in the story and completely comfortable with Lisa’s style of writing.  Her characters developed rapidly but they were still recognizable from beginning to end.  I loved that Janie didn’t entirely change.  She didn’t need to.
As the story progressed our heroine came out of her shell.  Janie learned a lot once she got over her stubborn attitude … And once Cabel got past her hard exterior.
The main characters were brutally tortured.  They had been through so much, and your heart just broke for them.  But, they used their pain to their advantage, and found strength in weakness.  I found Cabel and Janie to be inspiring and realistic characters.  Simply put, they were superb and complimented each other nicely.
Cabel was the perfect match for Janie.  They had each experienced so much pain that they understood and consoled each other.  Wake was far from just a love story, but Janie and Cabel were one of my favourite couples to read.  They had chemistry from the very beginning, and you knew they weren’t real, (sad, I know), but you wanted them to be.  They gave you hope.
Wake was the beginning of a relationship.  It was sweet and simple (if you subtract the dreams, drugs, and dishonesty).  Janie and Cabel had so much separate history.  They were tortured souls, but they managed to trust each other by the end.  Granted, they were both guarded because of their pasts, but that was what made them real (at least to me).  They did not automatically and immediately fall madly in love.  They were aware of each other for years, but Janie never considered a romantic relationship with Cabel until … (Sorry, no spoilers for you!)
Janie and Cabel fit together.  I could not put it any other way.
Cabel was a character you loved to love.  He was not the conventional boy character.  He had personality and dimension.  He was the not-so-typical-boy-next-door.
Wake mirrored reality, because the writer understood teenagers.  The teenagers (and really all of the characters) in the Wake world were the same as the people outside my door (figuratively speaking).  The shady actions were not glossed over.  Teenagers have sex.  Teenagers do drugs.  The book did not endorse these actions, (and the author did not necessarily support them), but it certainly told it how it was, and I respect the author for that.
I believe that it takes courage for an author to tell a story with characters as realistic as these, because they would possibly have to deal with a lot of silliness for it.
Reading Wake was almost better than eating chocolate........yum.

Premise: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Writing: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Song of the day: Ring, Ring, Ring sung by Darren Criss (from Glee)

February 15, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (1)

Hello all,

Welcome to my first ever Top Ten Tuesday!
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
I noticed it on Books Turn Brains last week, and was very interested.
Let's see how it goes, shall we?

This week's is Top Ten Love Stories.
I just obviously want another excuse to continue spreading the love.

Just a side note:  I'm sure there are a lot of epic love stories out there.  I admit to only reading a fraction of them.  But, I love what's here.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Anna is basically shipped to Paris by her parents for her senior year of high school.  Luckily, Anna runs into some friendly people.  One of these people is Étienne St. Clair.  Immediately, Anna is drawn to St. Clair.  Who wouldn't be with his charming personality and good looks?  (Can you tell that I fell for Étienne St. Clair?)  The only problem being St. Clair's current, long-term girlfriend.  Even though said girl is still in the picture it didn't stop Anna and Étienne falling, hard, in love.  Anna is one of my favourite love stories.  It is cute and emotional and heart wrenching.  It is just so lovely that you'll want it to be real.

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
Elena Michaels is the world's only female werewolf.  How did she get that way?  Her fiancé bit her sending her into the worst years of her life.  From that moment on Clayton was the EX-fiancé.  Elena and Clayton never did stop loving each other.  At every possible opportunity Clay tried to get Elena back.  It was only their stubbornness that kept them apart for as long as it did.  But if a man, (werewolf or not), fights for you for 11 years he is worth it.  I loved the passion these characters had for each other.

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel
The heroine of this novel had three current (ish) relationships that she was in.  I thought they were all beautiful, but specifically two of them.  Rhode was the one that had changed Lenah into a vampire hundreds of years ago.  He was also the one that died for her to become human again.  The only reason that the ritual worked was because he wanted her to live more than anything.  All Lenah ever wanted was to be human again.  Rhode loved her enough to give that to her.  Once Lenah was (somewhat) integrated in normal human society, (aka high school), she fell in love again.  Lenah loved Rhode so deeply that she did not imagine that should could fall in love with someone else.  But Justin was a light for Lenah.  Both Rhode and Justin gave life to back to her.  Lenah and Rhode.  Lenah and Justin.  They are both touching love stories.  You know I had to include at least one vampire love story.

Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr
There are so many love stories in this book, (and series), that I'm just going to discuss them generally.  In this book, ALL the relationships are tested.  Aslinn and Seth.  Keenan and Aslinn.  Donia and Keenan.  Niall and Irial.  (Niall and Irial!)  Every other relationship also goes through hell, but this post is supposed to center around love.  These characters had so much strength and held so much power that you felt for them.  Many of them had cared for each other for centuries.  The BLANK of love and BLANK of relationships made me so emotional.

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Ethan Wate dreams of Lena Duchannes before he even meets her.  She is something different in a world where everything is the same.  Ethan always wanted out of his small town of Gaitlin.  Since Lena had arrived he wasn't in such a hurry anymore.  Lena didn't want to fall for anyone.  She didn't want to leave someone else behind.  However, Ethan and Lena could not stop the force that pulled them together.  I loved Ethan's side of the relationship the most which surprised me, because I usually side with the heroine.  Despite the supernatural aspect to the story, I felt that the relationship was really real.  It was understandable and relatable.  Lena and Ethan had everything against them, and you just wanted them to succeed.

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
In this installment of The Mortal Instruments we learned the fate of all the characters.  Did Valentine take over?  Did Jocelyn live?  What happened with Jace and Clary?  We received answers to those questions in CoG.  In the first novel we had found out that Jace and Clary were siblings.  Unfortunately, they had already fallen for each other at that point.  This was one of the ultimate forbidden love stories.  Yes, I wanted them to be together even when I thought they were siblings.  (Yes, I realize how convoluted and dirty that could be.)  Jace and Clary needed each other.  Once they fell in love that was it.  They relied on the other without even realizing it.  These characters fit together from the very beginning.  I loved Jace and Clary separately and together.

Pluto's Ghost  by Sheree Fitch
Jake Upshore heard a rumor that Skye was pregnant.  He was the bad boy that she would never go for.  Or so they thought.  Another rumor:  Jake was the father.  Jake's life was turned upside down the day that everyone found out that he and Skye were secretly dating.  I loved how much Jake loved Skye.  He didn't simply believe the rumor, and when Skye went "missing" he didn't just sit there.  Jake proceeded to go through ridiculous and horrific events for the girl he loved.  He would have done anything for her.

Wake by Lisa McMann
Janie can see people's dreams.  The worst nightmare she was ever sucked into belonged to Cabel Strumheller.  Janie and Cabel were both broken for different reasons, and they found solace in each other.  Their relationship was sweet.  Wake was the beginning of a relationship.  Wake was the perfect example about how love can heal wounds.

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
Mia Thermopolis was a geeky girl turned geeky, but stylish princess.  (If you don't know the story there's something wrong here.)  She loved her best friend's brother, Michael, for all of eternity.  Mia is one of my favourite characters to-date, and I loved cheering for her.  Throughout the entire series, (more than 10 books), I waited for her and Michael to get their happy ending.  There were many, many ups and downs, but in the end this reader was very proud of the princess and her prince.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman
A wonderful day turned into a horrible event for Mia.  There was a car accident.  Her family died. She was left to fight for her life.  It was strange to find such a love story where the protagonist was in a coma for 90% of the novel.  The plot went back and forth from Mia's memories to the present.  You saw all the love Adam had for her.  He did everything he could to be with her as soon as he found out about the tragedy.  Nurses be damned!  (I'm actually very grateful for nurses, so please don't take that the wrong way.)  Then Mia would remember some past memory about their relationship, and you got to learn where their love came from.  It was very honest love.

I'm going to make a personal request and ask Cassandra Clare not to kill off Jace or Clary.  Or Alec.  Or Isabelle.  Or Luke.  Or ...

Thank you for reading.  I'm off to bed.


Song of the day:  I Won't Disagree by Kate Voegele

I Love ...

Hello my lovely readers,

 I had a great (and productive) day yesterday, and now I want to share some of the things I love with all of you.

This list is in no particular order.

I love ...
The people I've chosen to be in my life.
Harry Potter.
Freshly washed pajamas.
My DW plushie.
The Family Channel.
High School Musical.
Listening to music very loudly.
Writing on the back of my door.
Everything Kelley Armstrong has written.
Finding the perfect pair of jeans.
Talking about travel with my friend R.
Sarah Dessen and her work.
Jack Astor's chicken fingers.
My cottage.
When you only need a light jacket in winter.
Meeting new people on twitter.
Percy Jackson.
Irial from Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely books.
Reading a book before someone tells me what happens.
Loving the movie version of a book after already reading the book.
Ellen DeGeneres.
Buying baking cookbooks.
Watching hockey games.
Eating nutella with a spoon.
Cheese pizza.
Watching Cake Boss marathons.
Adorable little kids.
High Park.
Crab with melted butter and garlic.
My Babcia's homemade tomato soup.
When the teen section of my local bookstore was in the back right corner.
When somebody does the kindest little thing.
Paramore's Riot album.
Cotton candy.
Zac Efron.
Getting sneak peaks of Vy's artwork before everyone else.
The claymation Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer movie.
Hotdogs from Ikea.
The Glee version of "Baby It's Cold Outside".
Sitting at the end of a boat with my brother driving really quickly.
When my friends find new nicknames for me.
Finding the sexual innuendo in what you're saying.
Holly Black.
Scott Pilgrim.
Communicating with authors.
Making wishes.
Peacock by Katy Perry.
Picking our vegetables with my dad.
To Write Love On Her Arms.
Baskin Robbins ice cream.
Asking questions.
Getting to sleep in knowing I have absolutely nothing planned for the day.
Dress shopping.  Shoe shopping.  Purse shopping.  Jewelery shopping.
Buying and browsing bookstores.
Hermione Granger.
Old Spice commercials ... I'm on a boat.
Mandy Moore's movies.
Using alliteration.
Rereading Lisa McMann's novels.
Grocery shopping with my mom.
Getting emails.
Michelle Hodkin.
Book bloggers.
Saying "Oy, with the poodles already," from Gilmore Girls.
Wearing rings that people have bought for me.
Pleasures by Estee Lauder.
Dressing up on Halloween.
Unlimited texting plans.
Used bookstore finds.
The Princess Diaries.
The name Étienne.
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.
People would read my reviews.
Getting mail.
Walmart's holiday store hours.
Rogers on demand.
Making friends that live all over the world.

I can't even tell you how much I love being here right now.


February 14, 2011

Artist, Vyvyenne Withers


Vyvyenne Withers (photo edited by self)
I have this friend named Vyvyenne Withers (pictured right).  We met at a book signing.  What a surprise, right?  There's been bonding over books and twitter ever since.

I learned very early on that Vy is dedicated.  One thing she always carries with her is a sketchbook.  Personally, I'm lucky if I remember to bring chapstick.
When I got my hands on one of her many sketchbooks I was wowed.  Vy, is a ridiculously talented artist.  She puts her heart into her work.  And it pays off.  You can see the effort she makes.

Read & Riot button by Vyvyenne Withers
I'm lucky enough to have met her in the first place.  So, I know, I'm d*** lucky to have her with Read & Riot.
She will be doing all the artistically inclined things on Read & Riot unless I tell you otherwise.
Even I don't know everything she has in store, but I trust her and her ability completely.

Stacey O'Neale's Rowan drawn by Vyvyenne Withers

I think it's past time that I showcase Vyvyenne's talent.  Don't you agree?
You can see is a one of Stacey O'Neale's dashing characters on the left.  I made up my own embarrassing word that describes Rowan (pictured left), and I prefer not to repeat it.  If you ask nicely I might tell you ... Or Vy will.
(If you would like to read an excerpt written by Stacey click HERE).
I always love seeing what Vy is working on, and to date have not been disappointed.
I just know her incredible talent is not going to go to waste.
I am so grateful to have met her, because now I can share her work with all of you.

A asked Vyvyenne a couple of questions so you could get to know her a little better.  Funnily, I learned things too.

Favourite place:  Inside a book store.
Favourite book:  Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
Favourite movie:  Edward Scissorhands.
Favourite TV show:  Law and Order SVU.
Favourite author:  Holly Black.
Favourite artist (as in ART):  Brian Froud and Victoria Frances.
Favourite band or singer:  Muse, Emilie Autumn, Abney Park.
Favourite colour:  Black.
Sweet or salty?  Definitely sweet.
Rain or snow?  Rain.
If you ran away to the circus what part would you play (eg: lion tamer)?  *ponders* The clown in the tiny car! XD
What fictional world would you love to live in?  It would have to be the Curse Workers World.
Name some pet peeves.  I've got nothing really.
What inspires you?  Books, Movies, People, Music, Other Artists.  Anything I can get my hands on really.
Favourite thing to draw?  Anything related to the fantasy world.  I like to think it’s up my alley.
If you could live anywhere where would you choose?  I’d love to live in England.
Dream career?  To work for Simon and Schuster’s Design Department.

Are you listening Simon & Schuster?  I know I'm biased, but you can't deny the girl's got talent.
Holly Black's Cassel Sharpe drawn by Vyvyenne Withers

Are you currently taking drawing / artistic requests?   I AM currently taking requests.
What do you charge?  As for charging it mainly depends on what the client would like.
Anything for your website - buttons or banner etc--> $30 and up (But these depend on the clients).
Character drawings - $40 and up (depending on clients).

What I learned from Vyvyenne's answers:
- Her favourite book is not by her favourite author.
- I must annoy her more to find a pet peeve.
- I owe her my next paycheck.

Want to contact Vyvyenne Withers?  Here's how:
Deviantart:  Vy Withers
Twitter:  @vywithers

Thank you for reading, as always.