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About Terri:

My books & I
Hi, I'm Terri!
I'm a twenty-something Canadian girl who's trying to figure out her life.
I'm many things, but to name a few: I'm a bibliophile, concert-goer, Instagram-lover, Potterhead, bookseller, university degree owner, and book reviewer.
I read fanfiction, manga and plays as well as novels. I love Agatha Christie, I've seen every episode of Gilmore Girls at least three times, and I want to live in New York City.
I love talking about books, but being an avid reader and bookseller wasn't enough so I made Read & Riot.
I'm very grateful for everything Read & Riot has given me, and can't wait to talk to you! I hope I can share awesome things with you too.

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About Read & Riot:
Read & Riot was founded January 2011, but was something that was birthed in fall of 2010.
It took me an impossibly long time to come up with the blog name, but things just took off from there. Reviewing books was something that I wanted to try, and it turns out that I love it.
I wrote reviews for a couple of years, met authors and was vocal on Twitter, but I pulled back from reviewing to study. Since then, I've missed reviewing very much and haven't felt as much a part of the bookish community.
I continued to work in the same bookstore for the past eight years and haven't let go of my desire to write book reviews, so I'm back to make my mark. Also, I really love talking about books, so comment, email or tweet!

In 2010 there came a moment in 2010 when I thought, "Could I review books? How would I do that?"
Now, in 2016, I'm thinking, "How would I start reviewing again?" Let's find out!