April 14, 2011

Love List (3)

Hello to all you wonderful people!

I am exhausted, and I love you all, but this will be a speed list.

My brother.
Glee, season 2 episode 16.
Klaine / Blurt.
Comment I found on a youtube video:  “It has to Raine before a Klainebow.”
@rogersRODO on twitter.
Watching Glee’s Original Song over and over on Rogers on Demand.
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.
Victoria Schwab.
The fact that Near Witch and I have the same birthday.
3 hour conversations with authors.
#yalitchat on twitter.
Multiple tabs on Google Chrome.
Don’t You Want Me sung by Blaine and Rachel.
Bubble wrap.

Have I mentioned Glee yet?  Oh wait, I did …

Okay, so I’ve been SUPER distracted by TWITTER and MUNDIE MOMS tonight.



1 comment:

  1. YES! That was the best episode EVER. I have watched all the Klaine songs a bazillion times and there was definite fangirl squeeing when they finallllllllllly kissed! Eep!