June 14, 2011

Love List (5)


Time for another list of things I love (or things that make me happy, whichever way you choose to see it).
Most of these are going to be NYC and Book Expo America related.

Lauren Oliver.
Veronica Roth.
The poster all about Sarah Dessen's books on the subway.
Showering after an 11 hour bus ride.
Surprising my friends.
Purple pens.
New York City.
Book Expo America.
BEA:  Where it's okay, expected even, to have a suitcase full of books.
Meeting the people you love on twitter.
Meeting authors.
That I got a hug from Sarah Dessen.
The view from our hotel room in NYC.
Calling my Dad and being able to say, "We're fine.  Having dinner in Time's Square."
That we took a PLANE home from NYC.
The fact that I got to hug and talk to Michelle Hodkin.
What Michelle Hodin wrote in my Mara Dyer ARC.
Teen Author Carnival 2011.
Talking to Andrea Cremer and Hannah Moskowitz.
Meeting Michelle Zink.
Susane Colasanti.
My Mom for coming to NYC with me.
Meeting Kodi Keplinger and her mom.
Having dinner (or desert) at Serendipity 3.
Serendipity 3's Frozen Hot Chocolate (yum).
That I got to have breakfast with Sarah Mlynowski and E. Lockhart.
Our hotel in NYC.
The people I met at BEA.
Meeting, eating, and chatting with Amalie Howard.
What Amalie Howard wrote in my Bloodspell ARC.
That Amalie loves Glee.
That I saw Glee live in concert.
Darren Criss.  (I know this has already been stated in earlier lists, but after seeing him sing live ... Trust me, it deserves to be said again).
The fact that The Warblers were at the Glee concert.
My Glee concert tee.
Before I Fall.
The Near Witch.
The fact that The Near Witch and I have the same birthday.
Criminal Minds.

I was debating whether to still do this, but then I started and it made me really happy.  I remembered why I started these lists.
I could go on forever, because I loved NYC so much.


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  1. Michelle Hodkin is amazeballsssss. And Susane Colasanti was hilarious! You were at TAC?!?! How did I not see you?! *is sad*