May 14, 2012

Love List (14) - May 14, 2012

I got my wisdom teeth out four days ago and I am fine, but my mouth hurts.
Let's get right to the Love List so I can ignore the pain.
Also, if you could find my Glee season 2 that would be fantastic.  (I'm mostly kidding).

I love ...

How I felt the first time I listened to "Someday's Gone" by The All-American Rejects.
The newest All-American Rejects CD; Kid's in the Street.
Meeting The All-American Rejects.
My friend's reaction to meeting The All-American Rejects.
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.
Meeting Jay Asher, Lesley Livingston and Charles de Lint.
Pink flowered trees.
Thunder and lightning storms when I'm inside.
Storms like the one mentioned above, but at the cottage when I can see the lake.
Good Girl by Carrie Underwood.
The Letter Q.
Scholastic for publishing The Letter Q.
Brian Selznick.
The 64 authors that contributed to The Letter Q.
It's Not Right But It's Okay cover sung by Blaine on Glee.
Vanilla and chocolate Girl Guide cookies.
Ke$ha's music.  (Sometimes I just want to listen to Ke$ha).
"Get Well" cards.
BEA mobile.
BEA customer support.
Dunking egg-loaf in homemade chicken soup.
John and Hank Green's videos.  (I know they were on a previous Love List, but I love them even more after Hank's latest video [May 11th 2012]).
That The Near Witch paperback comes out tomorrow!
That A Rocket to the Moon covered Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.
This quote:  "The best way out is always through." - Robert Frost
My family.
My shorter hair.

So much more.


PS:  I will be in New York in 21 days!  *insert excited screaming here*
Yes, I do still need to buy a suitcase.

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