September 14, 2012

Love List (18) - September 14, 2012


Well, it's September and I'm back to school.  I'm actually getting more reading done now than I did in the summer because I'm "in transit" a lot.  There's lots of time to read then.  Forgive me if I make any ridiculous errors.  I've been studying for the last number of hours and all my eyes want to do is sleep.
This has been an especially unlovely day, so it's ironic that it's time for a love list.  But even now I have plenty to love.
So, let's do the list:

Augustus Waters.
Hazel Grace.
John Green for writing The Fault in Our Stars.  (Do you sense a pattern yet?)
Hank Green's Vlogbrothers video on September 7th 2012.
Augustus Waters.
When you finish your homework and you have some time leftover.
The Night Circus.
Talking to my dad about books.
Augustus Waters.
My new agenda.
The Perks of Being A Wallflower.
No One Will Ever Get Hurt by A Rocket To The Moon.
Augustus Waters.
Watching The X Factor with my Mom.
My Dad:  "When The X Factor comes on I lose your mother."
How I felt after I read The Fault in Our Stars.
That all my favourite artists are coming out with new albums in the next month.  (So excited!)
That Hank & John Green have reached 1,000 videos on their Vlogbrothers Youtube channel!
My job.
Meeting nerdfighters at work.
Bonding over books.
When people share my emotions over books.
Augustus Waters.
That the TFiOS related posters went up on DFTBA the day I read The Fault in Our Stars.  (I bought two posters).
The kindness of parents.
The love of my family.
Body butter.
I feel like I shouldn't put Augustus Waters after body butter ...
That a John Green box set exists.
"Being unironically enthusiastic." - John Green
Your pants jokes.
Augustus Waters.  (Probably not appropriate here either).

I really, really loved The Fault in Our Stars and especially Gus.


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