November 14, 2012

Love List (19) - November 14, 2012

I don't feel awake enough to create an actual Love List, because school is very draining right now.  I love blogging and reading, and I got to attend a blogger event in the last week or so, and that was especially fun.  I love having those opportunities, and being around people that understand the spazzing and fangirl as much as I do.  I love that Beautiful Creatures and City of Bones are going to be movies.  I really love One Direction's new album.  I'm not even listening to it right now, and I can hear the songs in my head.  I love when you get it sleep in, and know that you have nothing you have to do that day.  I love this weather - the nip in the air, but not super, crazy cold.  I love that I can hear my friend saying, "Victor loves his life choices", in my head as I read This Dark Endeavour.  I love Etsy and notebooks.  I LOVE Christmas.  I love baking and Sundays.  I really love the Oreo Cake Flavoured 100 Year Anniversary cookies.  Seriously, you should try them.
This list kind of worked out after all.


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