October 14, 2013

Love List (25) - October 14, 2013

Today is a day where I really need a love list.  So, here it goes:

Mom's stuffing.
Books for school that you actually end up liking.
Fangirl.  (Look for more Fangirl themed loves down below. *points*)
Rainbow Rowell.
Seriously, have you met Rainbow Rowell?
The Walking Dead.
Vicious.  Vicious.  Vicious.
The 5th Wave.  (It's a book themed love list).
Fall Previews.
Days off.
When the essays are done and handed in and you can't edit them anymore.
Online shopping.  (I really do).
The Dream Thieves.
Ronan Lynch!
Simon & Baz.
Page 71 of Fangirl!
Writing my Vicious review.
Wrecking Ball.
Miley Cyrus' new album.
Sing Sing by Marianas Trench.
Waiting for Luke + Lorelai because they're totally worth it.
The fact the Katy Perry's new album will be out next week!

Ack, it's almost not the 14th!  *insert moment of panic here*

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