January 14, 2014

Love List (27) - January 14, 2014

I missed the Christmas version of my love list.  (I blame exams and holiday retail).  So, this one's a little late:

Rainbow Loom.
Seriously, love my Rainbow Loom.
Four Brothers.
Christmas trees.
Colton Haynes.
The "19 You & Me" cover by New Heights and Colton Haynes.
Teen Wolf marathons.
When you actually find time to read a book for pleasure during the school year.  (It's RARE).
Successfully find books on my own in a library.
Christmas lights.
The fact that I enjoyed the books I took out for research so much that I want to own them.
That there are a large amount of Harry Potter related books in the school library.
Pillsbury Christmas cookies.
Our annual Christmas party.
THIS Christmas.
Warm days when you expect it to be cold.
Planning trips and remembering the old ones.
Hard work paying off.

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