May 6, 2011

Divergent Giveaway

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have had a great week.  I definitely have.

In two weeks I’ll be going to a book signing.  I’ll also be going to one next week, but that’s besides the point.  Now, back to the signing in two weeks.  It’s the wonderful Veronica Roth.  You know, she wrote a book called Divergent, you might have heard of it.  You haven’t heard of it?  Have you been living under a rock (or hiding under the covers from the weather)?
Anyway, I’m getting away from myself again.  I’ve seriously been like this all week, so you’ll have to get through my babbling to get to the good part.
I knew I was going to this event before I even read Divergent (starts the “Let’s see how many times I can say Divergent” game).  Divergent was a great read.  I’ve recommended Divergent to quite possibly too many people.  Divergent was just that good.  Once I calmed down some from my hysterics after immediately finishing Divergent, I couldn’t wait to go to this Divergent signing.
Guess what’s in it for you!  A signed copy of DIVERGENT!
I’m getting one copy of Divergent signed for me, and one for this giveaway.  (Giveaway’s the world you all have been waiting for).

This giveaway is international!
You must be a follower of this blog to be eligible to enter.
I want to know which faction you belong to.  You can do the FACTION QUIZ on facebook, or if you don’t have facebook there’s a list of the faction qualities here for you.
You'll get an extra entry if you promote this giveaway. So go ahead and tweet it, blog about it, facebook it. Just leave a link.
If you want to type a couple of sentences while playing the "
Divergent Game" you’ll probably get an extra entry.  (By probably, I mean definitely).

Leave a comment with all or some of the above info to enter!
You do not need to leave an email address. I will post who wins, and they will have 48 hours to contact me. If they fail to contact me within that 48 hours another winner will be chosen.


You can read my DIVERGENT REVIEW.  There are no spoilers.

Abnegation is for the selfless.
Dauntless is for the brave.
Candor is for the honest.
Erudite is for the intelligent.
Amity is for the peaceful.

I belong to Candor.

I love Divergent, so I'm happy that I get to share it with you.

Good luck!



  1. Hi Terri,

    I'd love to win a copy. I belong to Amity, the peaceful :).

    I tweeted:!/katay444

  2. Ooh, this is awesome. I've been wanting to read Divergent... I'd probably be Erudite, but according to the FB quiz I'm Candor. ^_^

    I also tweeted!!/andregeleynse

  3. This is so awesome! I've read the first 100 pages or so in the online excerpt, and I can't wait to finish it! I'd love a signed copy. =)

    As for factions, I'm definitely Erudite, but the quiz isn't really designed for that result. So I keep getting Dauntless, haha. That's my second choice, anyway. And I tweeted about your giveaway here--!/amandakurka

  4. Follower (:

    & i tweeted about it!/theYAfairy/status/66693362228543488

    -Romona @ the YA fairy

    Thanks for doing this give-a-way
    happy blogging (:

  5. That's so awesome! I am dying to read Divergent. :) Thank you!

    I belong to Erudite.

    I tweeted:

  6. New follower~

    Thank you for the awesome review and the giveaway! We would really love to win and read this great book.

    I belong to Amity.


  7. i have been waiting for it to hit bookstores around me! so far, not so much luck. i took the quiz on fb and i belong to dauntless the brave.

  8. Lucky you!! Im super jealous! I am Candor as well, I guess Im honest lol
    I Tweeted:!/SeeingNight/status/66695707934994432
    Follower:Kristen- Seeing Night

  9. I belong to Erudite.
    I'm a follower.

  10. I took it twice, just cause I was conflicted about some of the answers. :P But first and foremost, I was an Amity. I got Dauntless the second time.(I don't think the second time was as accurate. O_o)


  11. I belong to Amity!


  12. What an exciting giveaway. I am just dying to read this book!
    The Facebook quiz informs me that I belong to Dauntless, however I'm far from brave. Oh well. (:
    I am a follower and I also tweeted:!/lauraktwriting/status/66701284027281408
    Thanks again!

    Laura @ A Work of Fiction.

  13. I belong belong to candor. and the old lady was creepy!!

    TValeros18 @ gmail [dot] com

    This is an awesome choice for a giveaway!!

  14. Omg!!! I'm dying to win this! like seriously win!

    Old follower here!

    I want to be in Erudite.!/TheJay2xA/status/66694125449248768

    email: fallendream03(at)gmail(d0t)com

  15. heyy thx for the giveaway :)) I <3 this book and I have been waiting to read it for a long time :D
    gfc : cinimiksa
    email : michaela_cini@rocketmail(DOT)com
    tweeted it :
    according to the quiz I am Amity :))

  16. I got Amity the first time and now an Erudite. Thank you so much for the chance! I really want to read Divergent. I'm an old follower and I also tweeted:

    sauvadeavelle @ yahoo dot com

  17. Hi im Chelsea and I would love to enter and win this book :)
    I took the quiz and i got Dauntless- The Brave

    I also tweeted about this quiz at!/Chelseaa1992
    Also just followed your blog and im loving it and its awesome!! Great job on it! :)

  18. Hi, thanks for this great giveaway! Its incredible how many praises this book got - makes me want to read it so badly! There is never enough of good dystopian novels!
    I took the quiz and I got Candor - the honest (I was kind of surprised, actually).
    Plus, I tweeted as well:!/LilyxJames/status/67963024727736320
    I follow your blog as LilyxJames.

  19. Thanks for this giveaway! I've been dying to read this book. Or, well, my dystopian-obsessed sister has.

    I took the Facebook faction quiz and got Amity. :D

    I followed your blog (Most Important Letter) and here's my tweet!!/MostImportantL/status/68083661290995712

  20. thanks so much for the chance!!!

    GFC FOLLOWER-ashley



  21. I am brave. I am Dauntless.

    Or so the quiz says. I'm pretty happy with my quiz results though. I thought I'd get Erudite with the answers I chose.

    I'm a GFC follower! (Kai Agito)
    I also tweeted:!/amaterasureads/status/68315277376503809
    And posted on Facebook:
    Blog sidebar:

    Thanks so much for making the contest international! I hope I win! *crosses fingers* I've been loving the dystopian genre lately, so it would be awesome if I can snag a copy of Divergent!

  22. I’m a follower.

    I’m Amity, which I guess means peaceful. I didn’t need the quiz to tell me this though. I’m super peaceful!:)

    Giveaway promoted!!/Dutchess_Shoes/status/68779005670735872

    I won’t give my email out but I will for my twitter. That is probably the best way to get in contact with me seeing how I’m on there 24/7 lol.

  23. Divergent looks like an awesome book. Each time I pass Divergent in my campus bookstore I am so tempted to buy it! I actually read the first chapter or so of Divergent before the Divergent release. Thanks for this Divergent giveaway! I took the Divergent quiz and learned that if I was in the world of Divergent I would be in Amity. I follow your blog via GFC. Also, I posted on Facebook about this Divergent giveaway:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=214671048552778&id=1183331242

  24. I'm really looking foward to reading this book! I love Dystopia books!

    I'm a new follower, GFC

    I belong to Candor as well.

    I tweeted:!/AHappilyEver/status/69142015383834624

    and posted on Facebook (does it count that no one LIKES my page yet? :( )!/pages/A-Happily-Ever-After-Please/197453986962344?sk=wall

  25. i have heard a lot of good things about this book i would like to win the book. I am dying to read it
    i am follower
    i am candor the honest
    i twetter!/diana1448
    and facebook

  26. So Facebook said I was Dauntless, but I figured I'd get Amity!

    The first 100 pages were so awesome!

    Found your blog through the Divergent Facebook!

  27. finally the comments work again! Facebook says I would be Candor but I think I would choose Erudite. I would love to win a copy. I re-posted this contest on my FB page here

  28. I did the quiz and i got Amity, the peaceful!

    I am a follower!

    And on twitter:!/Soctwit12

  29. Check out my blog!:

  30. I'm a follower.
    Awesome giveaway for Divergent! Divergent was a great book. I took the Divergent quiz, and I got Dauntless. lol That's kind of hard to believe. Thank you for the Divergent giveaway! Have fun at the Divergent signing. :)
    I also tweeted this Divergent giveaway:

  31. Oh, I'm so totally entering this! You're awesome for hosting this, Terri! Giving us all a chance at a signed copy is AMAZING! So, I took the quiz and it says I belong to Dauntless. I can't help but agree, it honestly sounds just like me! Lol :)

  32. So facebook told me im whats next lol:)

  33. OMG! I got to read the first 100 pages of the book and now i'm desperate to have it! It isn't available in bookstores in my state yet *sadface* Thanks a lot for hosting this giveaway!!! :)

    I'm a new follower
    GFC- Jolainne DeSouza
    I tweeted-!/Jolainne/status/69281240750108672

    Oh, and I'm Candor too btw...I was super happy! cos the sign for Candor is like the sign for Libra-my zodiac sign! :) :)

  34. hei, thank you for this Giveaway!
    I've heard A LOT about this book and I'm dying for have one. :)

    I tweeted!/anadudunk/status/69358409337671680

    And I put your link in my sidebar too Cow and Her Books

    and also, I have follow your blog via GFC (Ana)

    Thank you :)

  35. Hey thanks so much for this giveaway i heard nothing but good things and alot about this book and love dystopia.
    I belong to dauntless (brave)
    I follow you with twitter roguetribute

    I tweeted!/roguetribute/status/69127626857521152
    I am a gfc for your fabulous blog Maxine wilson

  36. OMg. I've been seeing Divergent everywhere online! And there have been nothing but AWESOME reviews of the book! I so need to read this book and ASAP too! :)

    I belong to Amity, the Peaceful!
    After taking the quiz, I realize that it's true, if not VERY true. *___*

    I tweeted:!/BooksOverBoys/status/69467970707013632
    And I'm a GFC Follower!

    OK, I won't post my email but I'll leave my twitter name here just in case I win. (Because I might forget to check back here and BOOM! By the time I know it, the 48 hours will be up...and then wah, waah, waaah on my part! ;))


    P.S. Thank you sooo much for the giveaway! Have lots of fun at the signing!

  37. Omg, I want to win this! So, so badly. Pretty please? :D I have taken the test, and I am a Dauntless :) Which I kind of like. I follow you via GFC and I subscribe to you :) Oh, and I tweeted :D Here --> :)
    ~ Carina

  38. Follower and I tweeted about it here:!/MelissaDempsey1/status/69472050175160320
    I belong to the Dauntless the brave.
    Divergent sounds great and I have read such wonderfull reviews of Divergent and as such I can't wait to have a copy of Divergent in my hands, oh I wish I could go down to the bookshop and by Divergent buy I live in Spain and thus have to wait two months or more to get a copy of Divergent.

  39. I am Candor. I knew it without taking the quiz...but I took it anyway and I got Candor...:)!/readandriot/status/69467970707013632

  40. I really want to get Divergent! I read the sample on the HarperTeen site!

    I'm following your blog :)

    I'm Dauntless according to Facebook, but it's strange b/c I never thought as myself brave. I thought I would be one of the other 4 :P

    I tweeted here:!/nodizzies/status/69527899803369472

  41. I got Dauntless, which I can understand. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and I wouldn't mind working out all day if I didn't have to worry about money.

    I tweeted it here

  42. WHOOH! I want this book! :))
    I got Erudite on my first try on the Faction Quiz!
    I tweeted:

    I shared it on FB:

    Blog about it!:

    Divergent Game:

  43. I am amity, the peaceful!
    great contest!

  44. I'd love a copy of Divergent!

    I'm an Erudite and a new follower!

    Lynnaloopy at gmail dot com

    I belong to Candor too! :)))
    gfc follower - adrianga

  46. I'm a follower ~

    I also belong to Candor, lol

    I tweeted here:!/LynossaDBL/status/69925404479209473

  47. Awesome giveaway!

    I tweeted about it -!/xLeeDx/status/69925925772460033

    I am also a GFC follower - Lee723

    I've just been told by Facebook that I belong to Candor. Hmmm... maybe, I'm just not sure that I'd always be honest, but then again, I tend to be as blunt and straight forward as possible.

  48. Thanks a lot for the giveaway & for making it international :) I'm just DYING to read this book!

    I belong to Candor as well :)

    GFC Follower: Mia

    girlaboutbooks at gmail dot com

  49. Can't wait to read this one :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    I follow via GFC quixoticdreamer

    According to the test I am Amity the Peaceful

    I tweeted!/QuixoticWeetzie/status/69942231791968258

  50. Amity the peaceful is my faction :D

    Follow via GFC

    I retweeted!/kadburytweets/status/69873372389056512

    kadsDOTbahlATgmailDOT com

  51. I posted several links for you, my dear :]

    Facebook - 1]

    Twitter -



    && I RT'd these:





  52. Awesome giveaway! I'm ridiculously excited to read this book, too! I'm a new follower & I've shared a link to this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.

    OH! I got Amity - The Peaceful. :)

  53. I follow and I got Dauntless - The Brave

    bmweida at yahoo dot com

  54. yay for international contests!
    I followed you and posted a link to this contest on mysidebar at

    I'd be Erudite


  55. Hi! Thanks for this great giveaway!
    I'd be Amity - The Peaceful :)

    I tweeted here!/kla505/status/70571810965569536


  56. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    I also belong to Candor C:

    I tweeted it:!/Megzarooni/status/70666682158415872

  57. I am Amity the Peaceful

    I follow and twittered on my twitter page!/johndejordy

    jdejordy AT gmail d o t c o m

  58. I'd hoped for Erudite, but apparently I belong to Dauntless, the brave.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I so wish I lived closer to the dystopian tour stops.

  59. I'm amity, the peaceful - go figure.

    I follow StuckInBooks


  60. I'm Candor, the Honest!
    GFC follower