June 14, 2013

Love List (23) - June 14, 2013

Every month I try to post, what I call, a Love List on the 14th of the month.  It’s something I started over two years ago now, and I think it’s always a good idea to be reminded of the things you love.

My love for NYC is always reinforced whenever I’m there … and I was there … two weeks ago.  I think I will forever love that city.
BEA 2013.
That I saw Darren Criss live in concert two days ago.
Darren Criss’ new songs.  Especially the last one he sang, which I will not quote for fear of getting in trouble.  But it’s about fairytales.  Seriously.
Stutter by Darren Criss.
That he still played the concert in Toronto even though he was sick.
Encores in concerts.
That I can magically guess when people are reading The Fault in Our Stars.
That John is releasing a second edition of the TFiOS audiobook where he’s narrating.
That tumblr knows all.
That I still don’t know how to take videos with my new camera even though I did somehow manage to take a video two weeks ago.
My quote door.
That Skype makes things easier.

This conversation:
Friend:  You look like a Terri, right?
Me:  Ummmm.  I look like a Terri with shorter hair.
Friend:  You promised you’d be recognizable!

Enjoy the things you love.  (As I do mine).

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