July 14, 2013

Love List (24) - July 14, 2013

Teen Wolf.
The fact that all the Harry Potter movies are playing at a somewhat local theatre.
That the usher noticed and complimented my Gryffindor shirt.
Working together.
Seriously, Stiles.
How I Met Your Mother.
Despicable Me.
Jake Long.
Opportunities that allow me to write about books.
The new trailer for The Hobbit.
My own commentary during the City of Bones trailer.
I Waste So Much Time.  (It's a website).

This kind of seems like a horrible time to make a love list when so many bad things are happening in the world, but it's also a good time to remember the things we love.

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  1. Yes, Stiles! Oh man, he's my favourite part of Teen Wolf.