February 15, 2011

I Love ...

Hello my lovely readers,

 I had a great (and productive) day yesterday, and now I want to share some of the things I love with all of you.

This list is in no particular order.

I love ...
The people I've chosen to be in my life.
Harry Potter.
Freshly washed pajamas.
My DW plushie.
The Family Channel.
High School Musical.
Listening to music very loudly.
Writing on the back of my door.
Everything Kelley Armstrong has written.
Finding the perfect pair of jeans.
Talking about travel with my friend R.
Sarah Dessen and her work.
Jack Astor's chicken fingers.
My cottage.
When you only need a light jacket in winter.
Meeting new people on twitter.
Percy Jackson.
Irial from Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely books.
Reading a book before someone tells me what happens.
Loving the movie version of a book after already reading the book.
Ellen DeGeneres.
Buying baking cookbooks.
Watching hockey games.
Eating nutella with a spoon.
Cheese pizza.
Watching Cake Boss marathons.
Adorable little kids.
High Park.
Crab with melted butter and garlic.
My Babcia's homemade tomato soup.
When the teen section of my local bookstore was in the back right corner.
When somebody does the kindest little thing.
Paramore's Riot album.
Cotton candy.
Zac Efron.
Getting sneak peaks of Vy's artwork before everyone else.
The claymation Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer movie.
Hotdogs from Ikea.
The Glee version of "Baby It's Cold Outside".
Sitting at the end of a boat with my brother driving really quickly.
When my friends find new nicknames for me.
Finding the sexual innuendo in what you're saying.
Holly Black.
Scott Pilgrim.
Communicating with authors.
Making wishes.
Peacock by Katy Perry.
Picking our vegetables with my dad.
To Write Love On Her Arms.
Baskin Robbins ice cream.
Asking questions.
Getting to sleep in knowing I have absolutely nothing planned for the day.
Dress shopping.  Shoe shopping.  Purse shopping.  Jewelery shopping.
Buying and browsing bookstores.
Hermione Granger.
Old Spice commercials ... I'm on a boat.
Mandy Moore's movies.
Using alliteration.
Rereading Lisa McMann's novels.
Grocery shopping with my mom.
Getting emails.
Michelle Hodkin.
Book bloggers.
Saying "Oy, with the poodles already," from Gilmore Girls.
Wearing rings that people have bought for me.
Pleasures by Estee Lauder.
Dressing up on Halloween.
Unlimited texting plans.
Used bookstore finds.
The Princess Diaries.
The name √Čtienne.
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.
People would read my reviews.
Getting mail.
Walmart's holiday store hours.
Rogers on demand.
Making friends that live all over the world.

I can't even tell you how much I love being here right now.



  1. Aw, this is so cute! We love a lot of the same things! I love how most of the things you wrote about are the little things in life :) XO

  2. OMG, we love MANY of the same things! Namely FOOD (NUTELLA!), Holly Black, Lisa McMann, Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim, and chapstick :D

    PS: the mention made me teary. *HUGS*

  3. OMG you are me! We are twins! *virtual hugs*

    I love my Twitter/Blogger friends. You guys always know what I'm talking about, even when everyone else thinks I'm insane =D

    I have watched the Glee version of Baby It's Cold Outside more times than I will admit. J'adore Kurt and Blaine.

    You forgot to mention #nakedHarryPotter :P