February 28, 2011

Book Review: Pluto's Ghost

Title: Pluto's Ghost
Author: Sheree Fitch
Length: 254 pages
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
On-Sale Date: September 28, 2010
Format: Trade paperback

Jake Upshore.  And.  Skye Derucci.  He had always loved the beautiful brainy girl.  The problem:  Jake was a kid going nowhere with a bad reputation to top it off.  Their budding romance couldn’t have survived their opinionated town.  The solution:  A secret relationship.  But now, Skye was gone and rumors trailed behind her.  Jake’s life turned upside down in a single second.  He couldn’t just sit there.  He needed answers.  He needed to find Skye.

Pluto’s Ghost was written beautifully.  I had never read Sheree Fitch before so I didn’t realize she was an award-winning poet.  Although Pluto wasn’t (always) written in stanza, it certainly flowed and felt like a poem.  The emotions shone through the words, and it really made you feel.  It felt like magic, and did not compare to any other novel I’ve read..
It was powerful.
Jake Upshore was a refreshing narrator.  I loved hearing the story from his point of view.  There were many books where the girl fell in love with the “bad boy” and we never found out what went through his head.  This was the opposite.  The story belonged to Jake.  He was fascinating.  He had a troubled past and a problematic present, and it looked like he was headed towards a unfortunate future.
The author explored many parts of Jake.  He felt every emotion known to man, and he felt it very fiercely.
I found Jake to be very genuine.  He did not always understand himself or know how to act.  Jake, like any other teenager, was unsure of himself.  But, he knew enough to trust his gut, and he always acted on what he felt was right.  I commended Jake on his unfailing loyalty.  I mean, Jake searched for Skye with no clue and practically no means.  He was exceptionally lucky and even resourceful.
Jake was innocent, even though he had “the rage” and was thought to be a delinquent.  I saw Jake as a kid going through a rough time.  Sure, he had his issues, and he didn’t always react in a non-violent manner to unpleasant situations.  But every character is allowed their flaws.  Jake’s flaws were human.  They made him human.  And Ms. Fitch should be commended for that.
He had been plastered with labels since childhood,  but he was only trying to live.
I felt that the love Jake had for Skye was stronger than her feelings, and I didn’t want that for him.  I couldn’t help it.  It was impossible not to root for the underdog.
However, this couple did live separate lives, and Skye hadn’t told Jake everything.  The mystery that surrounded Skye Derucci  was integral the plot.
The plot was basic, but executed flawlessly.  A good girl.  A bad boy.  A rumored pregnancy after the girl ran away.  None of that sounded specifically intriguing, but add a body bag, and Jake Upshore, and you would never know what hit you.  Seriously.  Jake Upshore.
To him it was simple.  Skye went missing and he found her.  There were rumors and he pursued answers.  But he never expected to uncover a mystery or unearth a horror.  Jake went through ridiculous and terrifying events for the girl he loved.  He would have done anything for her.
Maybe he didn’t act like anyone else would have, but then he wouldn’t have been Jake Upshore.  I liked that that was passionate.
It’s rare that a flaw could make a character better, but Jake’s flaws did.
I love love loved Pluto’s Ghost.

I hope you love Jake’s story, but most of all I hope you give it a chance.

Perfect quote to explain Pluto’s Ghost and Jake Upshore:
“I’m not complainin’
I’m just explainin’
I’m not excusin’
But see
I thought I was losin’
my baby
my lady
my mind.”

Premise: 4/5
Plot: 5/5
Writing: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY Love this Book! One Of the Best I have read:)I <3 Jake Upshore & Pluto’s Ghost.<3
    P.s. Love Read & Riot:)