February 14, 2011

Artist, Vyvyenne Withers


Vyvyenne Withers (photo edited by self)
I have this friend named Vyvyenne Withers (pictured right).  We met at a book signing.  What a surprise, right?  There's been bonding over books and twitter ever since.

I learned very early on that Vy is dedicated.  One thing she always carries with her is a sketchbook.  Personally, I'm lucky if I remember to bring chapstick.
When I got my hands on one of her many sketchbooks I was wowed.  Vy, is a ridiculously talented artist.  She puts her heart into her work.  And it pays off.  You can see the effort she makes.

Read & Riot button by Vyvyenne Withers
I'm lucky enough to have met her in the first place.  So, I know, I'm d*** lucky to have her with Read & Riot.
She will be doing all the artistically inclined things on Read & Riot unless I tell you otherwise.
Even I don't know everything she has in store, but I trust her and her ability completely.

Stacey O'Neale's Rowan drawn by Vyvyenne Withers

I think it's past time that I showcase Vyvyenne's talent.  Don't you agree?
You can see is a one of Stacey O'Neale's dashing characters on the left.  I made up my own embarrassing word that describes Rowan (pictured left), and I prefer not to repeat it.  If you ask nicely I might tell you ... Or Vy will.
(If you would like to read an excerpt written by Stacey click HERE).
I always love seeing what Vy is working on, and to date have not been disappointed.
I just know her incredible talent is not going to go to waste.
I am so grateful to have met her, because now I can share her work with all of you.

A asked Vyvyenne a couple of questions so you could get to know her a little better.  Funnily, I learned things too.

Favourite place:  Inside a book store.
Favourite book:  Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
Favourite movie:  Edward Scissorhands.
Favourite TV show:  Law and Order SVU.
Favourite author:  Holly Black.
Favourite artist (as in ART):  Brian Froud and Victoria Frances.
Favourite band or singer:  Muse, Emilie Autumn, Abney Park.
Favourite colour:  Black.
Sweet or salty?  Definitely sweet.
Rain or snow?  Rain.
If you ran away to the circus what part would you play (eg: lion tamer)?  *ponders* The clown in the tiny car! XD
What fictional world would you love to live in?  It would have to be the Curse Workers World.
Name some pet peeves.  I've got nothing really.
What inspires you?  Books, Movies, People, Music, Other Artists.  Anything I can get my hands on really.
Favourite thing to draw?  Anything related to the fantasy world.  I like to think it’s up my alley.
If you could live anywhere where would you choose?  I’d love to live in England.
Dream career?  To work for Simon and Schuster’s Design Department.

Are you listening Simon & Schuster?  I know I'm biased, but you can't deny the girl's got talent.
Holly Black's Cassel Sharpe drawn by Vyvyenne Withers

Are you currently taking drawing / artistic requests?   I AM currently taking requests.
What do you charge?  As for charging it mainly depends on what the client would like.
Anything for your website - buttons or banner etc--> $30 and up (But these depend on the clients).
Character drawings - $40 and up (depending on clients).

What I learned from Vyvyenne's answers:
- Her favourite book is not by her favourite author.
- I must annoy her more to find a pet peeve.
- I owe her my next paycheck.

Want to contact Vyvyenne Withers?  Here's how:
Deviantart:  Vy Withers
Twitter:  @vywithers

Thank you for reading, as always.



  1. Hmm...is this your friend that drew the amazing picture on the card we all signed for Suzanne Collins at the Yorkdale signing? She's crazy talented!

  2. She's really, really talented! She looks like someone who's a great and interesting friend too! Fabulous post :)